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In some ways

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有事找我 Although prostitutes in ancient and modern China both have a low social status and usually have low self-confidence, we found that modern ones generally have a much happier ending and have relieved some social problems, while anci


Although prostitutes in ancient and modern China both have a low social status and usually have low self-confidence, we found that modern ones generally have a much happier ending and have relieved some social problems, while ancient ones contributed greatly to our literature.

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There are many cultured and sensitive prostitutes in ancient China who have contributed a lot to the development of Chinese literature either by composing poems themselves or inspiring literatus, whereas almost all prostitutes nowadays are gaudy and profane. In ancient times, a portion of girls had been trained in arts since early childhood by a personal mentor to become a Mingji (famous female artist of the highest tier among prostitutes). Mingji routinely don相比看vlaws’t provide sex service but singing, dancing or composing poems which often subconsciously contain an outpouring of sentimental emotions. In some dynasties, visiting a Mingji is well considered a refined taste and indicates one’s status and rank in the society. “We cannot appreciate the blooming flowers together, nor could i share with you my sadness of seeing them withering.日本jap” (from锦江春望词) is a famous line by XueTao, a Mingji, to her bosom literati friend. The withering flowers here imply her fading beauty. Prostitutes usually find themselves congenial with literatus who are not very successful because they both constrained by the environment and share the same love for literature. As a result, they inspired each other and had made the Chinese literature prosper. In modern China, although prostitutes would perform virtually any kind of sexual services to anyone willing to pay, just like what most inferior prostitutes in ancient times, prostitution tend to be more and more like selling fast food. Women would ask for money before even unzipping their trousers, and men wouldn对比一下日本jap’t shed one tear on the prostitute’s poor situation. But just as with ancient prostitution, modern prostitution has also brought about some benefits to the society. It stimulates our economy and relives a lot social problems like imbalance between gender and employment.

Prostitutes are at the bottom of the social ladder in both ancient and modern China. Nevertheless, prostitutes were not as stigmatized in the past, but joining this line of work would mean selling themselves to female pimps. Prostitution is made legal and public at ancient times, so it was not uncommon to see grand prostitution houses in downtown districts with a few girls soliciting outside. Potential prostitutes usually have to sign a life-long contract with a brothel madam whether of their own volition or not. The girls or their families would receive quite a large sum of money on signing the contract; however, the girls must since work under the supervision of their 你看In“mother” for the rest of their lives unless someone is willing to redeem them. As the price was often quite high, rarely would a customer be willing to pay that money, nor could these poor girls be able to redeem themselves by their little salaries and tips. Therefore, most of the prostitutes then had spent the best years of their lives flirting with rated韩国“acquainted and intimate” strangers and were sold to men from low social classes when they got too old for this business. On the contrary, in modern China, one can take up and quit this job whenever she wants. Some are even trading on the internet. The relationship between prostitutes and pimps or Laobao(ways老鸨 female pimps) is like that between employers and employees. One survey on the internet shows that over 90 percent of them won’t have any trouble with finding a husband and settling down after they quit. Some even reported much more advantaged than their peers because they have learned how to take care of men and what听听XXXev’s more, they have saved a large sum of money through their ex-job. One similarity, however, is that prostitutes in afree japness日本ncient and modern times both have shown very low self-esteem. They are all eJJGirls Japanesextremely afraid to be looked down upon by others.

Have you ever had the experience of receiving phone calls from a girl offering private services in hotels? In the wake of the economic reforms by Deng Xiaoping, prostitution in China has resurfaced quickly and expanded to a tremendous scale. Even though buying or selling sex has long been made illegal in modern China, yet all of the legal attempts to suppress it have been conquered every time. Nowadays, prostitution trades are widely carried out under the signboard of message parlor or leisure center. In some ways, the government is openly tolerating prostitution by not strictly enforcing because it serves as a social buffer in times of economic restructuring and can relieve gender imbalance. Besides the aforementioned information, there are similarities and differences between prostitution in ancient and modern China in the destiny of the girls, the service they are providing and its resulting influence.

Compare and Contrast Prostitution in Ancient and Modern China


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